Wooden Venetian Blinds Johannesburg

Wooden Venetian Blinds Johannesburg

SIZES: 25mm / 35mm & 50mm

Basswood Venetian Blinds provide a beautiful, warm and natural appearance. They are also strong enough to endure the wear and tear of life. Since wood is a natural insulator, they provide excellent energy efficiency. All Wooden Blinds are manufactured to customer’s size specifications to ensure the perfect fit and you’ll find that they not only fit better but work better too.

Our custom made Wood slats are available in a variety of wood shades varying from light colors to medium and onto dark colors. You’ll find a collection of wooden blinds that can be manufactured from 2400m to 3000m wide .Slat widths ranging from 25mm, 35mm, 50mm.

Note: Wooden Venetians are not a total block out product. Blinds will close sufficiently to ensure privacy but will still allow a certain amount of light to filter into the room, so a total dark room effect will not be achieved.
Blinds are made according to our client’s specification. All Wooden Blinds – Maximum Width 2.4mm wide.  



  • Our made to measure wooden venetian blinds are natural, stylish and warm and they are made of quality timber.
  • They are made from bass wood; strong durable real wood.
  • There are horizontally slated and come it variety of different colours and finishes.
  • Wooden blinds come standard with decorative valances to cover the head rail.
  • We offer three additional valance types: Half round, African style and Half round African style.
  • They offer inviting look to any decor
  • All wooden blinds have a UV and scratch resistant coating
  • Wooden blinds as natural product cannot be guaranteed especially if used in extreme damp or hot areas and where ventilation is minimal even though this is a very stable wood type.
  • Close to the sea the blinds should be pulled up position when windows are fully opened to prevent too much salt deposit building up on the blinds. Wipe salt deposit off with a damp non-abrasive cloth.
  • Salts should be completely dry before pulled up to prevent water marks.
  • NB: Wooden venetians are not light block out products. Blinds will close sufficiently to ensure privacy but will allow light filtering in to the room. It is therefore not entirely room darkening and does not ensure total darkness.
  • All wooden blinds maximum width is 2.4mm wide.
Wooden Venetian Blinds Johannesburg
Wooden Blinds Johannesburg
Wood Venetian Blinds Johannesburg
Wooden Venetian Blinds Johannesburg