Why us

Why We Are The Convenient Option For You!


  • We have been existing for over 30 years, and we are good at what we do
  • Excellent service delivery is our first priority
  • We provide quality and affordability
  • We continue to invest in new technologies at all times to give you nothing but best quality products
  • Our products are distributed throughout Africa and we are trusted and prefered throughout the continent
  • We provide online order forms that saves you money and time to call and come to us when you need to place an order.
  • Along with online order forms, we have implimented an online secure payment method. You can simply order online and make payment through our website, as soon as we send the quotation.
  • Our products are made to your measured requirements


  • Our blinds are made to your required customized measurements perfect for home or office.
  • This is an affordable window treatment
  • Operation of these blinds is easy
  • This window treatment gives you complete privacy when closed
  • These blinds give you complete control of the light required in your room
  • These blinds are colour co-ordination from the head rail, ladder string to bottom rail
  • Another option to the ladder string is colour matching ladder tapes
  • The aluminium slats are of high quality imported aluminium
  • We have a large selection of colours like white, red, blue, silver effect, green, black perforated slats, gold effects, gray, wood effect, yellow and more.
  • These blinds can be installed in front of windows or doors. We have a solution for you.
Aluminium Venetian Blinds Johannesburg
  • The most affordable window covering
  • These are made to measure windows treatment that perfectly combine the operation of a vertical blind and the light control
  • They are fairly inexpensive, practical and provide superior light control
  • Vertical blinds come standard with a heavy duty slim line track system for years of trouble free operation
  • They can be pulled to the side or part in the middle stacking the blind on either side of the door
  • They are ideal for large windows or sliding glass doors. Vertical come in fabric, from plain to the total block out.
  • In a variety of textures and colours (block out and normal material)
  • Track (vertical rail) comes in six meters lengths
  • Vane sizes of the fabric we specialize in is: 63mm, 90mm, 127mm
Vertical Blinds Johannesburg
  • Our made to measure wooden venetian blinds are natural, stylish and warm and they are made of quality timber.
  • They are made from bass wood; strong durable real wood.
  • There are horizontally slated and come it variety of different colours and finishes.
  • Wooden blinds come standard with decorative valances to cover the head rail.
  • We offer three additional valance types: Half round, African style and Half round African style.
  • They offer inviting look to any decor
  • All wooden blinds have a UV and scratch resistant coating
  • Wooden blinds as natural product cannot be guaranteed especially if used in extreme damp or hot areas and where ventilation is minimal even though this is a very stable wood type. Close to the sea the blinds should be pulled up position when windows are fully opened to prevent too much salt deposit building up on the blinds. Wipe salt deposit off with a damp non-abrasive cloth.
  • Salts should be completely dry before pulled up to prevent water marks.
  • NB: Wooden venetians are not light block out products. Blinds will close sufficiently to ensure privacy but will allow light filtering in to the room. It is therefore not entirely room darkening and does not ensure total darkness.
  • All wooden blinds maximum width is 2.4mm wide.
Wooden Venetian Blinds Johannesburg
  • Roller Blinds are made to your measured requirements
  • They provide privacy and block out most light
  • There is a variety of materials for this window treatment; solar reflective film, Woven material, Plan fabric and total black out.
  • They are available in light filtering or room darkening variety. Customer can use it alone or with complimentary window treatments (curtains Draping).

* Solar Roller Blinds

  • Provide excellent protection from the sun while preserving your view
  • Solar reflective is used to protect curtains from the harsh African sun

* Solar roller protects:

  • Furniture from sun damaging
  •  Stops Ultra Violet radiation (UV)
  • Reduce glare, Mostly / often referred to as sun glasses for windows – Ability to cut the glare and reduce heat makes then ideal for media rooms, studies or any sun facing room where sun control is desired:
  • Control the heat
Roller Blinds Johannesburg
  • Our Bamboo blinds are an elegant collection of two popular styles to choose from; Roller & Roman style
  • Each style / design have optional finishes which is standard valance that the Bamboo comes with and wooden valances (Flat one, Quarter round and half round with African look on top)
  • They have cord lock and guide pulleys to ensure smooth operation
  • Due to the natural characteristics of Bamboo products, colour variations, irregularities, warping and fading will occur. Particularly rustic products stocks and stitching can be irregular and twisted.
  • Bamboo blinds must dry before rolled up or else they will become moldly.  These blinds can be washed in a weak solution of water and bleach and laid in the sun to dry totally before hung back.
  • Over time the fabric will change colour, lighter fabric will become slightly darker and vice versa.
  • Decolouration will occur mainly on the outside face of the blind that is exposed to sunlight.
  • Maximum width of bamboo is: 2400mm wide
Bamboo Blinds Johannesburg


  • Are not retractable, they are custom made according to your requirements. They comprise of:

* Wedge Awning – Hawaii

* Bow Awning – Sierra:

  • Provide shelter from the sun and rain and create a focal point for entrance ways to businesses and homes.

* Semi Bow Awning – Roman:

  • Traditionally a fabric style awning to suit cafes and outdoor entertaining areas! The Semi-Bow can be installed on site at many different angles. Sides can be in filled to present a beautiful traditional European style awning.

* Dom Awnings

  • Add a touch of class to doors and windows with this traditional dome shaped awning. You’ll be surprised at what style can be achieved in a bar or kitchen.
Fixed Frame Awnings Johannesburg
  • * Pram Awning:
    • The Pram awning is the easiest way to enhance the most ordinary look. More the just the sun control, this is the most versatile canvas awning for residential and commercial applications.

    * Staggered Arm Awning:

    With the use of the unique climbing hinge feature, the ‘Prince’ of the range gives increased projection and walk under height. This awning can be incorporated with either Napoli or Sorrento.

    * Rio Sun Awning:

    Gently rounded corners add elegance and an up market flair to any environment, allowing just as much sun protection as you require

Retractable Awnings Johannesburg
  • Drop Arm awnings are the simplest form of awnings; they are ideally suited to fit over standard doors and windows.
  • This simple gear-operated drop-arm awning can be motor operated, sun.
  • The awnings are adjustable to any position in a 90 degree arc.
  • Drop Arm awning are available with an optional cassette to protect the fabric of the awnings and can be designed using all available fabrics.
  • Drop arm awnings will withstand high loading from wind and weather.
Drop Arm Awnings Johannesburg
  • Folding Arm Awnings maximize your outdoor areas and are excellent for patios, verandas, restaurants in store fronts.
  • They can be manually or electronically operated and integrated with sun and wind sensors.
  • Folding Arm Awnings provide excellent UV protection without obstruction to your view.
  • The patch of the awning can be adjusted to allow maximum protection from the sun and its UV rays.
Heavy Duty Fold Arm Awnings Johannesburg
  • The awnings are fitted to a pergola.
  • The retractable panel can be operated by a rope and pulled system or by means or a crank handle which allows you the flexibility of shade or sunshine on your patio.
  • They are perfect for sun protection of a small to large patio.
Patio Shades Johannesburg

These awnings are best suited to windows and doors, and provide great protection from rain and harsh African sun. The unique interlocking system of the classic awnings allows light to reflect through, whilst keeping the direct sunlight out. This helps to protect the contents of your house from fading due to this direct sunlight. This system also allows airflow to pass through, thus keeping everything cook, and making sure that there is no build up of heat at any stage.

These awnings are all custom made in projection and width to suit each individuals needs, from a kitchen door to a shop front. Any size is available. There are also countless colour combinations that can be chosen for these awnings, making them look great on any number of applications, in any situation.
All paints is double baked enamel for longevity and strength, and requires no maintenance.
There are three designs to choose from:
– Meridien
– Paradis
– Brabant