Verti Voile Blinds Johannesburg

Verti Voile Blinds Johannesburg

Verti Voile Blinds looks like curtains, but operates like vertical blinds. It’s stylish, more affordable than your average curtain & with more operating options available to you. It looks amazing in both bedrooms & living areas and is also popular in office areas.

Recommended for: Window-, door – & room divider openings.

Features: Sun Protection, Cooling, Darkening, Insulation, Durability

  • Combination of sheer (transparent) & non transparent fabrics.
  • Provide subtle light in the open position & can be adjusted for full privacy.
  • Good Insulator against heat & coldness.
  • Fully retractable.
  • Washable (Easy to clean) & Durable.
  • The vanes allow you to walk through the blind at any point.
  • Available in 5 different colours.
Verti Voile Blinds Johannesburg