Venetian Blinds Johannesburg

Venetian Blinds Johannesburg

SIZES: 16mm / 25mm / 50mm

Venetian Blinds are widely used and have remained popular because of its durability, inexpensive and lightweight. They offer a sleek design in a wide range of colors that make them suitable for almost any décor or window size.

Ideal for controlling sunlight & privacy Sun Stop blinds come in a rainbow selection of designer colors. Modern and streamlined, they are perfect for kitchens and bathrooms, and create a relaxed atmosphere in casual living areas. Brighten up your office or study with a classy metallic finish.



  • Our blinds are made to your required customized measurements perfect for home or office.
  • This is an affordable window treatment
  • Operation of these blinds is easy
  • This window treatment gives you complete privacy when closed
  • These blinds give you complete control of the light required in your room
  • These blinds are colour co-ordination from the head rail, ladder string to bottom rail
  • Another option to the ladder string is colour matching ladder tapes
  • The aluminium slats are of high quality imported aluminium
  • We have a large selection of colours like white, red, blue, silver effect, green, black perforated slats, gold
    effects, gray, wood effect, yellow and more.
  • These blinds can be installed in front of windows or doors. We have a solution for you.
Venetian Blinds Johannesburg
Aluminium Venetian Blinds Johannesburg
50mm Aluminium Venetian Blinds Johannesburg
50mm Aluminium Blinds Johannesburg