Sun Stop Blinds & Awnings manufacturer offers a diverse collection of blinds that perfectly complement your windows and provide more than just a beautifying aid and attractive window accent. Our blinds provide stylish and gorgeous look and feel for improving your home or office. Furthermore privacy is one other vital reason to have your windows covered with blinds. Blinds gives you full control of light entering through windows. Sun Stop Blinds range from Venetian blinds type to Vertical, Wooden, Bamboo, Roman Heads and Roller blinds.


There are various reasons why you should consider blinds for your home or office. Blinds on the whole provide a different environment to be in. Below are few reasons why you may consider blinds over curtains.

– Blinds provide privacy
– Blinds give you that Stylish and elegant look
– Blinds can enhance your home / office
– Blinds offer full control of light
– Blinds can improve the value of your house 



SIZES: 16mm / 25mm / 50mm

Venetian Blinds are widely used and have remained popular because of its durability, inexpensive and lightweight. They offer a sleek design in a wide range of colors that make them suitable for almost any décor or window size.

Ideal for controlling sunlight & privacy Sun Stop blinds come in a rainbow selection of designer colors. Modern and streamlined, they are perfect for kitchens and bathrooms, and create a relaxed atmosphere in casual living areas. Brighten up your office or study with a classy metallic finish.


  • Our blinds are made to your required customized measurements perfect for home or office.
  • This is an affordable window treatment
  • Operation of these blinds is easy
  • This window treatment gives you complete privacy when closed
  • These blinds give you complete control of the light required in your room
  • These blinds are colour co-ordination from the head rail, ladder string to bottom rail
  • Another option to the ladder string is colour matching ladder tapes
  • The aluminium slats are of high quality imported aluminium
  • We have a large selection of colours like white, red, blue, silver effect, green, black perforated slats, gold
    effects, gray, wood effect, yellow and more.
  • These blinds can be installed in front of windows or doors. We have a solution for you.


SIZES: 90mm / 127mm

Vertical Blinds are popular for covering sliding doors and large windows, providing a tried and true window covering solution. With a large range of colors available, we make it easy to match your decor.

Easily gain privacy when Vertical blinds are closed, see clearly out when the slats are pulled back and simply rotate the slats at an angle to filter the light. . Low cost and high performance


  • The most affordable window covering
  • These are made to measure windows treatment that perfectly combine the operation of a vertical blind and the
    light control
  • They are fairly inexpensive, practical and provide superior light control
  • Vertical blinds come standard with a heavy duty slim line track system for years of trouble free operation
  • They can be pulled to the side or part in the middle stacking the blind on either side of the door
  • They are ideal for large windows or sliding glass doors. Vertical come in fabric, from plain to the total block out In a variety of textures and colours (block out and normal material)
  • Track (vertical rail) comes in six meters lengths
  • Vane sizes of the fabric we specialize in is: 63mm, 90mm, 127mm


SIZES: 25mm / 35mm & 50mm

Basswood Venetian Blinds provide a beautiful, warm and natural appearance. They are also strong enough to endure the wear and tear of life. Since wood is a natural insulator, they provide excellent energy efficiency. All Wooden Blinds are manufactured to customer’s size specifications to ensure the perfect fit and you’ll find that they not only fit better but work better too.

Our custom made Wood slats are available in a variety of wood shades varying from light colors to medium and onto dark colors. You’ll find a collection of wooden blinds that can be manufactured from 2400m to 3000m wide .Slat widths ranging from 25mm, 35mm, 50mm,

Note: Wooden Venetians are not a total block out product. Blinds will close sufficiently to ensure privacy but will still allow a certain amount of light to filter into the room, so a total dark room effect will not be achieved.
Blinds are made according to our client’s specification. All Wooden Blinds – Maximum Width 2.4mm wide.  


  • Our made to measure wooden venetian blinds are natural, stylish and warm and they are made of quality timber.
  • They are made from bass wood; strong durable real wood.
  • There are horizontally slated and come it variety of different colours and finishes.
  • Wooden blinds come standard with decorative valances to cover the head rail.
  • We offer three additional valance types: Half round, African style and Half round African style.
  • They offer inviting look to any decor
  • All wooden blinds have a UV and scratch resistant coating
  • Wooden blinds as natural product cannot be guaranteed especially if used in extreme damp or hot areas and where ventilation is minimal even though this is a very stable wood type.
  • Close to the sea the blinds should be pulled up position when windows are fully opened to prevent too much salt deposit building up on the blinds. Wipe salt deposit off with a damp non-abrasive cloth.
  • Salts should be completely dry before pulled up to prevent water marks.
  • NB: Wooden venetians are not light block out products. Blinds will close sufficiently to ensure privacy but will allow light filtering in to the room. It is therefore not entirely room darkening and does not ensure total darkness.
  • All wooden blinds maximum width is 2.4mm wide.


Roller blinds are made according to our client’s specification. They provide privacy and block out most light. They come in a variety of different materials for window or door coverings: Woven Material, Plain Fabrics and Total Block out  

Available from light filtering to total room darkening. Roller Blinds can be used alone or complimented with Curtain Draping.


  • Roller Blinds are made to your measured requirements
  • They provide privacy and block out most light
  • There is a variety of materials for this window treatment; Solar reflective film, Woven material, Plan fabric and total black out.
  • They are available in light filtering or room darkening variety. Customer can use it alone or with complimentary window treatments (curtains Draping).


  • Provide excellent protection from the sun while preserving your view
  • Solar reflective is used to protect curtains from the harsh African sun


  • Furniture from sun damaging
  •  Stops Ultra Violet radiation (UV)
  • Reduce glare, Mostly / often referred to as sun glasses for windows – Ability to cut the glare and reduce heat makes then ideal for media rooms, studies or any sun facing room where sun control is desired:
  • Control the heat


Bamboo blinds add a warm, rich dimension to any room, providing the look and feel of nature at its elegant best combined with style Bamboo Blinds are available in a Roman style finish and roller.

Our Bamboo blinds are elegant in two very popular styles to choose from: Roller to Roman Style. Optional Extra Wooden Valances (Flat, Quarter Round, Half Round with African look) Our cord locks and guide pulleys are manufactured of a very high quality to ensure smooth operation.

Due to the natural characteristics of bamboo, colour variation, irregularities, warping and fading will occur. Particularly rustic product sticks and stitching can become irregular and twisted. Due to bamboo being a natural product fabric will change colour. Lighter fabrics will become slightly darker and vice versa, discoloration will mainly occur on the side exposed to direct sunlight. Maximum width of bamboo is 2.400mm wide.

These blinds can be washed in a weak solution of water and bleach, and then laid in the sun to dry.
Note: Blinds must be completely dry before rolled up or else they will become moldy.


  • Our Bamboo blinds are an elegant collection of two popular styles to choose from; Roller & Roman style
  • Each style / design have optional finishes which is standard valance that the Bamboo comes with and
  • wooden valances (Flat one, Quarter round and half round with African look on top)
  • They have cord lock and guide pulleys to ensure smooth operation
  • Due to the natural characteristics of Bamboo products, colour variations, irregularities, warping and fading will occur. Particularly rustic products stocks and stitching can be irregular and twisted.
  • Bamboo blinds must dry before rolled up or else they will become moldly.  These blinds can be washed in a weak solution of water and bleach and laid in the sun to dry totally before hung back.
  • Over time the fabric will change colour, lighter fabric will become slightly darker and vice versa.
  • Decolouration will occur mainly on the outside face of the blind that is exposed to sunlight.
  • Maximum width of bamboo is: 2400mm wide


Verti Voile Blinds looks like curtains, but operates like vertical blinds. It’s stylish, more affordable than your average curtain & with more operating options available to you. It looks amazing in both bedrooms & living areas and is also popular in office areas.

Recommended for: Window-, door – & room divider openings.

Features: Sun Protection, Cooling, Darkening, Insulation, Durability

  • Combination of sheer (transparent) & non transparent fabrics.
  • Provide subtle light in the open position & can be adjusted for full privacy.
  • Good Insulator against heat & coldness.
  • Fully retractable.
  • Washable (Easy to clean) & Durable.
  • The vanes allow you to walk through the blind at any point.
  • Available in 5 different colours.